Something I am finally sticking with, and even my husband is weighing in with me everyday.
I love the way it keeps track of things and shows me that I have improved.
My treadmill is still sitting around doing nothing, along with my bike, but every single day I am trying to beat my goal with the Wii fit plus.
When I started out only 4 weeks ago, I couldn't even do 400 steps on the aerobics, but now I am up to 1000 steps. I was out of breath doing the hula hoop, and now I am on the advanced level...So many challenges and you can even put it on pause if you want to answer the phone or need a break. I love the fact that there is a basic run game and you can put the remote in your pocket and walk around the house while talking on the phone and burn more calories.
I am very happy with this unit and I can't wait for a Wii Fit plus II to come out.Get more detail about Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board.